Johnny Kerr is an American artist and art educator, best known for his abstract photographic arrays that reveal the colorful poetry hidden amid a seemingly mundane Arizona metropolis. Self-taught in the craft of photography, Johnny cites his lifelong study of art, his graphic design experience, and his appreciation for minimalism as having the largest influences on his work. Johnny’s imagery often explores the abstract qualities of his subjects, placing them, to varying degrees, outside of their literal context. His use of space reflects his affinity for quietude, while his continued evolution of style and subject matter represent an authentic pursuit of curiosity.


Solo Exhibitions
– February 2017: Still - {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

– October 2015: Abstractions - Bokeh Gallery at monOrchid, Phoenix, AZ

– September 2015: West by Southwest: Images of Western Ireland - Irish Cultural Center, Phoenix, AZ

– September 2013: Artist Spotlight by Peoria Arts Commission - Peoria Public Library, Peoria, AZ
Select Group Exhibitions
– December 2019-January 2020: Painting vs. Photography - Royse Contemporary, Scottsdale, AZ

– September 2019: Painting with Light - Arts HQ, Surprise, AZ

– December 2018: Exposure: Architecture & Landscape - Royse Contemporary, Scottsdale, AZ

– August 2018: The Art of Architecture - Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix, AZ

– May 30-July 15, 2017: All Art Arizona - Art Intersection, Gilbert, AZ

– December 2016: Tiny Works/Tiny Dances - {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

– June 2016: Framed: Landscape & Architecture - Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR

– June 2016: Gods & Monsters - {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

– May 2016: All About Photo Awards: Juror's Merit Gallery - Jules Maeght Gallery, San Francisco, CA

– April 2016: The Accidental Tourist - Bokeh Gallery at monOrchid, Phoenix, AZ

– March-May 2016: Celebration of Artists 2016 - West Valley Art Museum, Peoria, AZ

– March 2016: Portrait, Juried by Amy Arbus - Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR

– February 2016: Black and White 2016 - Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR

– December 2015-January 2016: Portmanteau, presented by ArtelShow - Public Image gallery, Phoenix, AZ

– April 2015: Gallery Glendale at Westgate, Glendale, AZ

– March-May 2015: Celebration of Artists 2015 - West Valley Art Museum, Peoria, AZ

– March 2015: Grandeur: RAW Natural Born Artists juried showcase - Monarch Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

– July 2014: Blank Canvas juried exhibit - The Arts HQ by West Valley Arts Council, Surprise, AZ

– May 2014: Educators juried exhibit - The Winnie, Phoenix, AZ

– April 2014: Gallery Glendale at Westgate, Glendale, AZ

– March-May 2014: Celebration of Artists 2014 - West Valley Art Museum, Peoria, AZ

– April 2013: Nielsen Design Studio and Showroom, Glendale, AZ

– March-May 2013: Celebration of Artists 2013 - West Valley Art Museum, Peoria, AZ
Publication & Media
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– Bachelor of Arts - Media Design | The Art Institute of Phoenix, 2003

– Master of Arts in Education - Curriculum and Instruction | University of Phoenix, 2010