Ambiguity (2015-2018)
Ambiguity is a sustained investigation of architect Antoine Predock's Nelson Fine Arts Center in Tempe, Arizona. I spent many hours over several days observing and photographing how the lines, shapes and forms changed as the sun moved from morning to late afternoon, revealing new relationships of harmony or tension.

The ambiguous forms, shapes and textures of the almost featureless stucco exterior fueled my proclivity towards minimalist design. I exploited these characteristics by exaggerating the three-dimensional elements in some cases or compressing them into two-dimensional graphic planes in others. I playfully manipulated the visual perception of foreground and background, curious to observe how the structural lines intersected from various vantage points. My pastel color palette is inspired by the building’s southwest geography and was a self-surprising visual departure from my previous monochromatic approach to abstract architecture.