From the Archives: Vol. 1

Of the many, many photographs I make, only a select few ever go into my portfolio. The majority are doomed to spend eternity hidden away on a hard drive, never to again see the light of day.

Every now and then I sneak into limbo and take a look with fresh eyes at some of my previously rejected images. Sometimes, after I’ve distanced myself enough from my original expectations, they recapture my attention.

From the Archives is an attempt to rescue some of the images that I know have potential, but previously hesitated to release for one reason or another. They still may or may not get printed or put into a portfolio, but they can at least get a fair chance on social media while I continue to contemplate them.



Untitled / Arizona, 2014



Untitled / Arizona, 2014



Untitled, Arizona, 2015



Narcissus / Arizona, 2015



Prescott Watson lake black and white landscape by johnny kerr
Sisyphus / Arizona, 2016



suspension bridge abstract architecture by johnny kerr
Narrow is the Gate / Arizona, 2015



[EDIT: Given the overwhelmingly positive response on social media to the last two images, they have made their way into my online portfolio]