Best of 2013

I am honored once again to have another of my photographs chosen as a winner for a contest by Photographer’s Adventure Club.  The theme for this contest was “Best of 2013.”  I submitted this photograph because I do feel it represents one of my strongest and most compelling images from last year. One of the […]

Can Your Camera Strap Make You A Better Photographer?

I recently picked up a new vintage-inspired neck strap for my camera. My old neck strap (the one that came with the camera) is fine, except for the fact that it advertises the camera make and model to anyone within a 25 foot radius. Not only does it shout in bright red embroidered letters, “Hey, I’m expensive, you […]

Numbers Do Not Define Us

This is my first portrait of 2014.  I was pleased to collaborate with fellow photographer Tara O who got out from behind the camera for a change to do some modeling for me.  I’m glad she did because we were able to make some very nice images together.  This image, along with a few others I’ve done […]


  This is my second block print series, Rolleiflex.  I based this design off of the iconic twin lens reflex camera of the same name.  The Rolleiflex was a tried and true standard for many professional photographers in its day due to its compact size, light weight, sturdy build and superior optics.  Models like the one represented […]

Songbird Block Print

This is my first block print, Songbird.  It features an original design that I came up with a few years ago but I changed it up a little bit to better suit the print medium and modified the composition to work in a square format. These prints are currently for sale as an open edition (meaning I am not limiting […]

A Little Recognition

  If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ve likely already seen this image.  I’m sharing it again today because I recently entered it into a photography contest and it was chosen as the winner.  I don’t do what I do to get recognition but it is very encouraging now and then […]

My Mobile Sketchbook

As I show my photographs on various social media platforms I often receive comments along the lines of, “where do you find these pictures?” or compliments like, “you have such a good eye!”  I appreciate the encouragement and so I want to offer it right back.  You can also create good art if you want […]

Untitled Abstract

This is the latest image in my abstract architecture series.  I haven’t yet been able to come up with a name that I like.  I’m open to suggestions if you have one!  Not much else to say today, I hope you enjoy my study of shape, line and light. 5D Mk III with 24-70mm f/2.8L […]

Jet Noise

I don’t live in this apartment building but I did grow up in close proximity to an air force base.  I always heard neighbors complaining about jet noise and I never understood the problem.  I never found the distant rumble annoying (or even noticable with other home appliances running).  Then again, I also love thunderstorms!    Sharing […]