Antoin and Johnny Óg

Antoin and Johnny ÓgToday’s post features a shot of Antoin MacGabhann and Johnny Óg Connolly playing a few tunes outside of the Fahy-Carnevale wedding in New Quay, Ireland this last summer.  This was a spontaneous shot so it’s not a picture of technical perfection by any means.  When I first saw the guys playing I was so captivated by the music that it was several minutes of watching before I thought to run out to the car and grab my camera.  I didn’t have time to fine-tune my exposure but I made it back in time to take a few snaps before the tunes were over.  The slight blur of Tony’s bow hand, the focused facial expressions and the absence of any contextual clues in the clothing or background can’t help but remind me of some old RTE footage or still.  I actually really like this shot for it’s spontaneity and imperfection.  To me, it feels like the real moment.