Nelson Fine Arts Center Abstract Architecture by Johnny Kerr

What’s In A Name?

One question I have frequently been asked is, “How do you come up with names for your pictures?” For this post I thought I’d put up a few of my abstract photographs along with a quick description of how I came up with the title. If you have ever wondered about a specific image, feel free […]
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Abstract Street Light by Johnny Kerr

Comprehending Abstract Art

In the last couple of years my propensity towards abstraction has become more prevalent in much of my photography. After hearing me use the word abstract to describe some of my work, people often ask me just what abstract means. They recognize it as art jargon, and may have a vague notion of what the […]
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Huntington Park, Lake Erie, Ohio by Johnny Kerr

2015: Two Gains & A Lesson Learned

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. By nature I am very introspective and analytical so when I discover a need for transformation in my life, I immediately begin revising my habits toward that end. I don’t wait for a specific mark in time to begin, and I usually don’t advertise it. Still, […]
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Expectations and The Downfall of Joy

Every now and then I am surprised to find myself learning a lesson that I thought I had previously learned. As a teacher I often find it necessary to review previously-taught material with my students that may have been taken for granted, or even forgotten as they focused on learning new lessons. I suppose it […]
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The Value of Vulnerability

  Photograph by Johnny Kerr I wrote last week about the vulnerability of exposure. I’ve since spoken with a few individuals who read my post and took the word “vulnerable” in a negative context so I want to start today by clarifying that vulnerability is something I greatly value. Vulnerability and intimacy are both things that challenge […]
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Lakeview United Methodist Church Abstract by Johnny Kerr

The Vulnerability of Exposure

 I am writing this on the morning of my first solo photography exhibition opening! My stomach is in knots with excitement and anxiety. Those who know me well know that I am a very analytical and introspective person, a trait which is a double-edged sword. I’m not trying to be melodramatic here, just candid. Introspection fosters a strong […]
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West by Southwest

I am grateful this month to have a public place to display my work. Stop by the Irish Cultural Center (see website for business hours) during the month of September to see seven selected works from my visit to Ireland in 2012. Select images were printed on specialty metallic paper which represents exceptional color and tonal depth. All images were personally matted, […]
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Abstract Architecture Phoenix Financial Center by Johnny Kerr

Hard Work

I was confronted with a question the other day that, to my surprise, I found quite difficult to answer: “Don’t you have fun taking photographs?” A brief introspect provided me with an adequate answer for myself, but it was so full of nuance and mixed emotional responses that I struggled to articulate a clear answer to my […]
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On Being RAW

A few months ago I received an unexpected email from a woman in Los Angeles who I soon learned was the showcase director for RAW, an organization whose mission is to seek out and promote up-and-coming artists. This was the first I had heard of RAW but I immediately loved their mission as I’ve never heard of […]
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Tempe Center For The Arts Abstract Architecture by Johnny Kerr

For Me, By Me

I began this abstract architecture series in 2013 as a way of focusing my work and developing my vision as a fine art photographer. Prior to this series my photography was all over the place in terms of style and subject matter. One day I asked myself, “Why am I making photographs?” While reflecting on this question […]
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