2018 Calendars

2018 calendars are designed and ready for production! This time I am offering two options: Abstractions features 12 of my black and white architecture images, and Landscapes features 12 of my black and white landscape, seascape and urban landscape scenes.     Each calendar is printed on high quality acid free archival paper. The paper […]
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long exposure moon beach seascape

Moon over Mission Beach

Moon over Mission Beach is one of my latest images, made while on vacation with my family in California this October.   My main inspiration for this image was the abstract paintings of artist Mark Rothko… just kidding (a wee inside joke for those of you who read my last post). Actually, I had this to say when I […]
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Salton Sea Black and White long exposure landscape photography by Johnny Kerr

Inspiration and Accountability

Inspiration is a complex subject, and it’s not usually discussed alongside accountability. I’ve been thinking about both lately. Throughout history, human beings have been guilty of over-romanticizing the role of inspiration in creative endeavors. On one hand, I can’t deny the role it has played in my own work. Whether inspiration comes in the form of experiencing visual art, […]
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Salton Sea boat on land by Johnny Kerr

Kick at Darkness

I am pleased to partner with Kick at Darkness for their 2017 Holiday Catalog. I am donating 50% of the proceeds from two of my most popular limited edition prints towards supporting survivors of sexual abuse on their journey to healing.   Each print is produced on high quality archival photo paper, and will be […]
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2017 International Photography Awards

I’m very grateful to have been recognized with an Honorable Mention in the 2017 International Photography Awards for my Ambiguity series featuring abstract architecture photographs made in Tempe, Arizona. Although I have yet to place in the International Photography Awards, this is my third year in a row earning an honorable mention.     From the IPA […]
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Phoenix Children's Museum Architecture by Johnny Kerr

Bot Invasion

I’m often asked how I “find” my photographs. My answer is always the same, “I’m always looking, everywhere I go.” A Reductionist Approach Graphic design and photography have taught me to see in abstraction; to view things not only for what they literally are, but also for the visual components that make them up. Through […]
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suspension bridge abstract architecture by johnny kerr

From the Archives: Vol. 1

Of the many, many photographs I make, only a select few ever go into my portfolio. The majority are doomed to spend eternity hidden away on a hard drive, never to again see the light of day. Every now and then I sneak into limbo and take a look with fresh eyes at some of […]
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It’s been quiet around here as we have prepared to welcome our son into the world. Liam was born June 20th and we are enjoying getting to know our little guy. I’ll be back to making and posting new images as soon as we adapt to our new routines as a family of four. Be […]
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minimalist landscape eccentric circles on the salton sea beach by Johnny Kerr


Finding the confidence to present new work that I’m not sure people will like is one of the difficult parts of being an artist. It’s not that I am motivated by what people will or won’t like, otherwise I’d just photograph sunsets and kittens. What I am motivated by is the search for unexpected beauty in the mundane, and working out how to share […]
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abandoned shack decay ruins salton sea by Johnny Kerr


The well known adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is a great mark for a photographer to aspire towards. However, most analogies and axioms have a point where they break down. They simply can’t be held up as infallible universal truths in every conceivable situation. I’m not a binary thinker and I don’t put much faith […]
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