Killer Music

This piece is a bit of a tribute to Jim Flora (of whom I am a big fan).  He may be best known for his record album design work he did for Columbia records and RCA victor in the 1940’s-50’s.  If you haven’t seen his work there, you might recognize his art in one or more children’s books.  […]

Song Bird

Though not a style I typically try to emulate, I have always enjoyed the look of Italian poster art.  I don’t by any  means claim to be an expert on it, but some of the elements which I have noticed occur often are the use of two-dimensional shapes and large areas of color with subtle […]


I showed this to my wife and all she had to say was “Byoooonnnnnnnggg”. ‘Nuff said.

Johnny Clash

My buddy Travis came up with (as far as I know) the name, Johnny Clash.  A google search reveals that others have come up with it as well (that’s synchronicity for you).  Anyways, to me it’s a bit of a pun that pays homage to a couple of music greats: Johnny Cash and The Clash.  […]

Give Up?

I posted the pattern from my last post on Facebook to see if anyone could pick out the five-letter word that was used to create it.  So far only a couple of people could come up with it – this picture should clear things up a bit for the rest of ya! Living in unity with your fellow […]


Can you tell what five letter word is mirrored and repeated here to create this pattern? I love working with vector art; it allows very precise control.  The image that I made and used to create this pattern (the five letter word) was carefully calculated to be as mathematically perfect as I could figure it:  Every line yout see is the exact […]

Up the Chanter!

This one I created just for fun.  If you’ve been reading my blog up to now you’ll probably know that a chanter is the part of the Irish uilleann (pronounced “ill-un” or “ill-en”) pipes that you play the melody with.  You might be wondering now what “up the chanter” means.  It is a bit hard for […]

Rhythm is Everywhere

Ever notice how rhythmic it can be to watch the lines rise and dip between telephone poles as you drive down the road? <– (Click to view the full version)


These are some variations on a graphic I recently came up with. I’ve always been fascinated with black and white art.  Most of the imagery associated with punk rock that I grew up with was bold and simple, and came from a sort of do-it-yourself/grass roots mentality (i.e., it costs more to print in color […]