House Session

I didn’t get the chance to post yesterday because I was out playing music with some friends.  House sessions, or “hooleys” are a big part of traditional culture in Ireland.  Locals would gather together with their instruments, libations and perhaps a dish to share, and play tunes, sing, dance, recite verses, and tell stories well into […]


My friends, Tom and Mary Connor got me hooked on Barry’s tea.  I’ve always been more of a coffee drinker but it can be too harsh on the stomach to drink in the late afternoon or evening so it’s typically a morning habit for me.  I have often looked forward to a cup of tea from Mary’s kitchen […]

Double Decker

With all the electronic technology we have today, I still find myself in awe of some of the simple mechanical inventions that came before computers, iPods, and cell phones. I am a big fan of records; there’s something special in the hi-fi vinyl sound that just isn’t heard on CD and MP3. The other day […]


Jessi and I bought a couple pieces of metal wall art that we liked but felt like they needed something between them to complete the look on the wall so I got out my camera and shot this picture of my mandolin. The colors in the photo were similar to the colors of the other […]