Jerome Building

Not much to say today about this one, just another random shot from my visit to Jerome, AZ in November.

Simplex E-7 (part 2)

Here’s a wide angle shot of the Simplex E-7 which shows some of the other components of the projection system. [see yesterday’s post for description]

Simplex Model E-7

This year my wife and I spent Thanksgiving in Prescott, AZ with her dad and brother.  It was a nice change to relax in one place for the holiday rather than making four different stops to see all of the family as we’ve done every year since we got married.  We took a day trip to Jerome since Jessi […]


Here’s another shot that I liked from the cotton fields.  I love the textures and colors in this one.  I was pleased to be able to capture the texture of the cotton and surprised by the interesting texture created by the blurred background.

Clouds & Cotton

They gaze skyward, marveling as their mighty elders drift by.  They dream of the day when they will oversee from the heavens future generations sprouting from the very soil where they are now rooted.  Tarry not, grand liberation!


Here’s another in my series of “You’d never guess this was taken in Arizona” photographs.  We had some very interesting weather here yesterday; triple digits in the afternoon but by 4:00 pm we had dropped 30 degrees and had heavy rain, lightning and thunder.  This picture was taken about thirty minutes before the storm hit […]

John Whelan Trio

Attended a house concert on Saturday night and snapped a few pictures. The performance featured all-Ireland champion, John Whelan on accordion, US champion, Charlene Adzima on filddle, and US champion Zac Leger on bouzouki, guitar and flute. I also got to spend some time with Zac earlier in the afternoon working on piping technique (in […]

Half Set

This half set of Uilleann pipes belongs to my friend Jason.  I didn’t really have any purpose in mind for shooting this, just saw them sitting on the chair and had my camera with me so I snapped ’em.    Since uilleann pipes are hand crafted instruments, made to order for a specific piper, they vary […]

Vulture Mine

I shot this up in Wickenburg, AZ a couple years ago.  I was riding some of the dirt roads out in the wilderness and came upon an abandoned mine site.  My research suggests this was part of Vulture Mine, which was a gold mine set up by German-born prospector, Henry Wickenburg. I found the site both marvelous and sad […]