Jessi and Baby

Jessi and Baby Silhouette (Color)

I’m sad to say I haven’t posted anything in two months due to an overwhelmingly busy first year as a high school teacher while simultaneously finishing up school… among other responsibilities.  However, I can’t stay sad for long looking at this picture of my lovely wife carrying the daughter that I will finally be able to meet in a few weeks.  It has been an interesting journey taking pregnancy pictures of my wife.  When we set out to document our first pregnancy I was unsure what direction to take as I could only shudder at all of the cliché pregnancy photographs that I had seen over and again and had no interest in replicating.  I challenged myself to do something a little different that would make our pictures all the more meaningful to us and, if I don’t say so myself, I think that was accomplished with this and a few other pictures that will soon be shared.  A special thanks to my dear friend, Susan for suggesting this beautiful location… and less than ten miles from our own home!  You’ll certainly be seeing more from this excited Daddy-to-be in the near future!

PS, since I couldn’t decide if I liked the color or sepia version better, I’ll let you decide for yourself.  Click the link to see the alternate: