My First Reed

Wow, so a busy couple of weeks.  I haven’t posted anything since the 20th but that’s okay; this blog was intended to be an outlet and not just another “thing” for me to have on my plate so as long as it serves me, and not I it, I’m okay with a bit of slack now and then!

Last night I finally put the stuff I practiced with my reed guru, Jason, to use and made my very first reed for the uilleann pipe chanter.  You can see the reed sitting atop the wooden box at the front of the table.  I haven’t had much time to work with it since I finished it so I don’t know how well it performs but I’m pleased that it makes any sound at all with it being my first try and all.  It sure was a valuable learning experience and good practice working with my new tools.  Now I just need to make a few thousand more and I’ll be on my way to knowing what I’m doing!