Nice & Cozy

Today’s daily vision is not the photograph itself, but the subject in the photo.

I wasn’t feeling so well yesterday so I stayed close to home most of the day to take it easy.  I began to feel restless and wanted to do something creative but didn’t have any ideas.  As I was making some tea I decided I was tired of using a clothespinned hand towel as a makeshift tea cozy and should just make myself one.  After coming up with the dimensions to custom fit my teapot (I fashioned a template from newspaper as my practice) I planned how all of the seams would be stitched, added the extra seam dimensions to the template and started cutting the quilting fabric and batting.  I got out the sewing machine and an hour or so later, this is what I ended up with!  Not too shabby for a guy with hardly any sewing machine experience.