Here’s another in my series of “You’d never guess this was taken in Arizona” photographs.  We had some very interesting weather here yesterday; triple digits in the afternoon but by 4:00 pm we had dropped 30 degrees and had heavy rain, lightning and thunder.  This picture was taken about thirty minutes before the storm hit my place.

I’ve had my eye on this tree for some time now.  I’m not sure why, it has just always interested me.  It sits at the end of a three-way intersection that leads out of my community so I sit right in front of it every day as I’m waiting for the light to turn green and take that left turn onto the major road.  The photograph only captures about 1/4 of the tree’s height; the thing is massive.  I’d guess it’s about three to four stories high.  Even with the dead grass and desert brush it just doesn’t look like your typical AZ scenery and it has always intrigued me.