Douglas the Evergreed

This is Douglas.   His rare species was first discovered by Scot-French botanist, Jacques McKraken in the late 1800’s and there have only been three verifiable sightings since.  As is the case with Nessie and Bigfoot, the number of reported possible sightings is too great to count.  The Evergreed species are very good at disguising themselves as common coniferous evergreen trees, a mistake that can cost you dearly around Christmas time.    If you’ve ever heard child-like impish laughter coming from a dark corner of a Christmas tree lot, you might have had a close encounter with Douglas yourself.   If you hear these sounds coming from your own home, I’m afraid it’s too late.

The Evergreed hibernates from mid-January to late November and can go up to 40 days without sleep after such a rest.  Their only source of nutrition is Christmas presents, which they typically consume only once per year.  Though they awaken hungry… (Click on the picture to read on).