southwest stuccoland minimal color photography by Johnny Kerr


Changing Course A few months ago I wrote and posted an open letter to my friend, A.G., in which I alluded to a new project I had started working on. This project was born partially out of a desire to start distancing myself from certain aesthetics that have gained immense popularity among photographers over the […]

The Role of Vision In Photography

One could almost argue that digital photography is a different medium than traditional photography (film, wet plate, etc.), despite their fundamental similarities. Or at least it has the potential to be. It’s not that photo manipulation is unique to digital photography; manipulation has been practiced since long before digital imaging technology arrived on the scene. Master printers have been […]


  This is my second block print series, Rolleiflex.  I based this design off of the iconic twin lens reflex camera of the same name.  The Rolleiflex was a tried and true standard for many professional photographers in its day due to its compact size, light weight, sturdy build and superior optics.  Models like the one represented […]

Songbird Block Print

This is my first block print, Songbird.  It features an original design that I came up with a few years ago but I changed it up a little bit to better suit the print medium and modified the composition to work in a square format. These prints are currently for sale as an open edition (meaning I am not limiting […]

New Logo

I’ve wanted to design a new mark for my fine art photography for awhile now.  I’m at a point in my journey where I’ve put a lot of time and study into the craft of photography and, though I still have tons to learn, I feel I’m creating some nice images pretty consistently.  I sold quite a few prints […]

Eye of the Beholder

As much as I love photography I’ve been missing graphic design lately. My career change from graphic designer to high school photography teacher has shifted my everyday focus a bit but I still love both.  I thought it was about time I designed something just for the sake of designing something. I came up with this concept […]

Vinyl vs. MP3

I actually took this photograph a couple years ago but felt like playing around with some filters and text to change it up a bit. Just my personal opinion… Long live hi-fi!


I’m sad to say I’ve really neglected my blog for the last month or so.  I’ve entered into the final stage in my schooling where I have a lot of high level work to put in and it’s mentally exhausting.  Though I know this is only a temporary season I’ve been missing the creative flow and look forward to when […]

MLK Day 2011

Very disappointed today.  We have a bit of a tradition at work where whenever we take a holiday off they have me create an artistic sign for the front door to let any customers who might come by the shop know that we are out of the office for the day.  I was asked on […]