Myriah 4

Myriah 4Here’s a second image from the same session.  This one doesn’t do a lot for me other than the fact that I think it’s a nice photograph.  It bores me a little bit just because it looks like a hundred other photographs I’ve seen in magazines and portfolios; there’s just nothing particularly creative about it.  With that said, I am just barely dipping my toes, so to speak, in portraiture so every experience is a learning opportunity.  The lighting conditions for this shoot were not optimal and the whole thing felt awkward and rushed.  I was invited into this session as a second shooter having never met the model before so I felt a little stifled creatively and was not comfortable directing the model or taking the time to study her and formulate a vision for the shoot.  I was, however, extremely thankful to be invited to participate.  Towards the end there was one shot where I finally got the nerve to request something specific from the model– I’ll share that capture maybe tomorrow.

My only real control in this one were my camera settings and my post-production treatment.  The development process (done entirely in Lightroom 4) was also a learning experience for me as I’ve not had much experience with treating skin.  Overall I’m pleased with the images and experience that came out of this session even if it doesn’t particularly express my creative vision as an artist.

5D Mk III with Macro 100mm f/2.8L IS USM lens. ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/25 sec.