In February 2017 I exhibited 13 of my prints at {9} The Gallery for a my show, STILL. The images in this show were made between October 2014 and January 2017.

Long exposure photography art gallery opening
STILL opening reception,

Artist Statement:

Solitude is an essential part of an introvert’s well-being. Authentic interaction with individuals and small groups is also necessary and edifying. Nevertheless, I need time alone to process and recharge. Living in a big city with a demanding job and a family can make this a challenge.

This series of photographs represents my pursuit of quietude: to be still, to listen, to see, and to process. Stillness, like any discipline, is an intentional act. One must make the time for it. Sometimes it looks like quiet contemplation or meditation. Other times it looks like engaging in activities that are enriching or cathartic: reading, looking at or making art, listening to or making music, etc.

The reality of each of these scenes at the time of exposure ranged from tourist-populated, bustling beaches to abandoned shores anticipating menacing storms—great metaphors for busy city life. I use my camera to create quiet space, renovating each scene into a personal sanctuary.

Long exposure times ranging between thirty seconds to over five minutes allow the camera to consolidate several moments into one image, registering any movement as indistinct blurs of reflected light, or not recording it at all. The process itself forces me to be patient and still. The result is a tranquil stillness, a silence that breeds introspection and peace rather than loneliness.




This was my most successful show to date. Despite only being up for a week and a half, I got some great exposure and sold four pieces to three new collectors.


My daughter, Zoe, said this was her favorite piece.


An old student of mine stopped by with his Polaroid and took a snap!


If you would like to see the pieces that hung in the gallery, you can follow this link to my Behance portfolio.