Watson Lake

Watson LakeWell, I have just finished round three of college (Bachelor of Arts in 2003, Masters in Education in 2010 and now a postbac in 2012, don’t ask) and my first year as a high school photography teacher ended at 12:00 this very day!  I hope to get back into the swing of things and posting here more often now that I’m not weighed down with coursework and lesson planning.

I went with my family and our good friends, the Bowers on a short road trip through Sedona and stayed the weekend in Prescott.  It was very nice to get away and a good practice trip for baby Zoe (she did great, by the way).  At the end of June we go to Ireland!  I am ecstatic!

I also got to christen my new camera kit, a Canon 5D Mark III and a 24-105 f/4L lens.  This was my favorite shot of the weekend, taken at Watson Lake just North of downtown Prescott.  I really liked the look of this landscape; very surreal with all of the rock.  I chose to focus on the symmetrical “V” shape of the rock formations because it really caught my eye.  I’m not thrilled that the dam is visible as my preference is to show nature on its own without man’s big fat footprint in there but I had to compromise there to get the composition I wanted.  I shot at f/22 to get maximum depth of field, kept my ISO at 100 to minimize noise and adjusted the shutter speed until my meter was happy.  I’m pretty happy with the resulting shot and VERY happy with my new box.