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Blog - Johnny Kerr
Facing Myself

Goodbye, Facebook

  *For those who find my processing style to be long-winded:   I am parting ways with Facebook. If you wish to continue following my art you can still engage via my website or, for the time being, on Instagram @johnnyhifi. If you’re a friend or family member then you still know where to find […]
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Abstracted Realities

Abstracted Realities at First Studio

I am excited to announce my next show, Abstracted Realities, presented by First Studio Gallery from December 1, 2021 through January 28, 2022. This show features works by three artists: acrylic painter Barbara Kemp Cowlin from Oracle, AZ;  aerosol painter Indigo from Grand Junction, CO; and yours truly. My part in Abstracted Realities includes four […]
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Tessa Ebot Portrait

As We Are: An Adventure with Papay Solomon

    If you’ve only been following my work for the last few years, you may not know that I originally cut my teeth in photography largely based in portrait work. Over the years as my expression became increasingly abstract, I not only abandoned portraiture but also removed those portfolios from my website menu as […]
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Sisao-Gallery - Architecture to Abstract

Architecture to Abstract: A Group Show

Although the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic continues to linger, I am pleased to be showing my work in the Phoenix Arts District once again for my first gallery showing since the 2020 lockdown began. I’m honored to be showing alongside two talented artists, Joanna Proffitt and Natalie Wheeler. Most of the work I am exhibiting in […]
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Most of my blog content focuses on my photography and creative process. I’ve tried to keep my opinions about politics and other aspects of public life between me and my personal circle of friends and family. However, I do believe that an important role of artists in society is to think creatively and to bring […]
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Concrete Evidence Series

“And so, I found myself contemplating the abandoned slab of a razed industrial building like a wandering vessel in a sea of concrete. The surface bore signs of a once-mighty skeleton, sun-bleached stains and cutoff steel in a rusty alphabet soup of jumbled letters I, H, C, L, O and U. Faint visions emerged from […]
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In Honor Of

In Honor Of…

Do the names we give to people, places, and things actually bestow meaning upon them? Or does a name ultimately assume its meaning from that which it identifies? I believe it to be, in most contexts, a complex mixture of both. These are just a few of the questions I was asking as I reflected […]
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Kerr Monuments Series Venice Beach Volleyball

New Series | Monuments

I am excited to release my new series, Monuments, this week. I have worked on this project on and off for a couple of years alongside other ongoing projects, keeping it in mind whenever I traveled to locations that exhibited some of the elements I was exploring. The places that inspired this work (and are […]
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Downtown Peoria | A Photography Show

I found Driftwood Coffee by chance in the summer of 2018 when searching Yelp for a midway point to meet a friend from the opposite end of Valley. My first reaction was “there’s a coffee shop in downtown Peoria?! And it actually looks… pretty rad!” I grew up in the heart of Peoria and know […]
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False Dichotomies

I created a poll on Facebook the other day, a playful dichotomy of choice purely for the sake of provoking thought. It started some good conversations, mostly behind the scenes as people seemed hesitant to make a public stand one way or another. I am grateful to those who responded to the poll, engaged in […]
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