Fault Lines

I created this graphic for a friend as sort of a branding to be used throughout his published project for his doctorate.  His project includes an appendix which was created to be a resource for staff pastors who experience abrupt senior pastor transition (i.e., the senior pastor position suddenly becomes vacant due to death, disgrace, division, etc.).  The graphic illustrates the author’s concept of a “wheel of forces,” which is meant to illustrate the dynamics that are present during an abrupt senior pastor transition.  The result is often a sort of centrifugal force throughout the church staff as everyone tries to cope with the chaotic transition wherein personnel role definitions become unclear and personal, protocol and congregational dynamics shift rapidly.  If these issues are not addressed effectively, a community can quickly deteriorate and fall part.  The title of the resource is “Fault Lines” as the effects of such a transition can be just as sudden, disorienting and devastating as an earthquake. 

The goal of the published appendix is to provide a resource to help navigate staff pastors through such a transition in the hopes that the wheel of forces will not spin out of control and pull itself apart from the inside (as the four quadrants in the graphic illustrate).  The resource aims at addressing four main areas of concern and moving back towards a centripetal force where harmony and balance are restored and healthy rebuilding can occur.

To the right is a modified version of the design that will be used as chapter headings throughout the publication.