Jessi and I went with a friend and took a tour of Taliesin West last Saturday and it was absolutely amazing and inspiring. It was a much needed experience as I’ve been completely bogged down lately with school and work. I am in the middle of my teacher certification courses and have spent the last couple of weeks doing in-class observations at Cortez high school in addition to working, coursework, and other responsibilities; hence the lack of blog posts lately.

If you’ve not been out to tour Taliesin West yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! Not only is the environment inspiring, but the history and stories behind the campus are fascinating as well.  While I was already somewhat familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright the architect, I had not known him as a graphic designer before.  The tour didn’t necessarily showcase much of this as the architechture at Taliesin West was designed with the natural desert surroundings in mind; however, when perusing the gift shop I did come across some inspiring graphic art.  The graphic I’ve created here was somewhat of a doodle that was inspired by Wright’s stained glass designs.