Vulture Mine

I shot this up in Wickenburg, AZ a couple years ago.  I was riding some of the dirt roads out in the wilderness and came upon an abandoned mine site.  My research suggests this was part of Vulture Mine, which was a gold mine set up by German-born prospector, Henry Wickenburg. I found the site both marvelous and sad […]

Johnny Clash

My buddy Travis came up with (as far as I know) the name, Johnny Clash.  A google search reveals that others have come up with it as well (that’s synchronicity for you).  Anyways, to me it’s a bit of a pun that pays homage to a couple of music greats: Johnny Cash and The Clash.  […]

Give Up?

I posted the pattern from my last post on Facebook to see if anyone could pick out the five-letter word that was used to create it.  So far only a couple of people could come up with it – this picture should clear things up a bit for the rest of ya! Living in unity with your fellow […]


Can you tell what five letter word is mirrored and repeated here to create this pattern? I love working with vector art; it allows very precise control.  The image that I made and used to create this pattern (the five letter word) was carefully calculated to be as mathematically perfect as I could figure it:  Every line yout see is the exact […]

Up the Chanter!

This one I created just for fun.  If you’ve been reading my blog up to now you’ll probably know that a chanter is the part of the Irish uilleann (pronounced “ill-un” or “ill-en”) pipes that you play the melody with.  You might be wondering now what “up the chanter” means.  It is a bit hard for […]

Leap of Faith

This is a photo I actually took a couple years ago but never published or shared with anyone outside of fulfilling its immediate purpose.  This was taken when I started my Master’s program in 2008: my instructor for the very first course I took gave us the option of writing a paper or doing an […]

Full Set

This is a picture of a full set of uilleann pipes belonging to a fellow piper, taken at our recent AZUPS gathering. There are four common configurations for the Irish uilleann bagpipes: the practice set, half set, three-quarter set and full set.  The practice set, though the name can be misleading, does not mean that […]

Nice & Cozy

Today’s daily vision is not the photograph itself, but the subject in the photo. I wasn’t feeling so well yesterday so I stayed close to home most of the day to take it easy.  I began to feel restless and wanted to do something creative but didn’t have any ideas.  As I was making some tea […]

Reed Workshop

I am currently learning how to make my own reeds for the uilleann pipes.  The double reed needed to play the Irish uilleann pipes is not like any other reed in the world; unlike reeds for other instruments such as a saxophone, clarinet, or even other double reed instruments such as the oboe or bassoon, the uilleann pipe double […]