Jerome Building

Not much to say today about this one, just another random shot from my visit to Jerome, AZ in November.

Simplex E-7 (part 2)

Here’s a wide angle shot of the Simplex E-7 which shows some of the other components of the projection system. [see yesterday’s post for description]

Simplex Model E-7

This year my wife and I spent Thanksgiving in Prescott, AZ with her dad and brother.  It was a nice change to relax in one place for the holiday rather than making four different stops to see all of the family as we’ve done every year since we got married.  We took a day trip to Jerome since Jessi […]


Here’s another shot that I liked from the cotton fields.  I love the textures and colors in this one.  I was pleased to be able to capture the texture of the cotton and surprised by the interesting texture created by the blurred background.

Clouds & Cotton

They gaze skyward, marveling as their mighty elders drift by.  They dream of the day when they will oversee from the heavens future generations sprouting from the very soil where they are now rooted.  Tarry not, grand liberation!

Native Plumbing Logo

I have a very creative job but I still rarely get very excited about the things I’m working on.  More often than not I’m creating art for people who are not artistic yet think they can write the book on graphic design because they’ve seen enough of it (not accounting for quality).  Much of the […]

Typography Fun

Here’s some more fun with typography… again with a message you’ll likely see coming from me regularly.

A Theme for Autumn

According to my calendar, autumn started back in September. According to my senses it’s just about coming around… now. I was just checking out the 10 day forecast and it looks like this will be our first full week with high temps under the 80’s here in AZ. Still summer weather for most climates but […]

Fault Lines

I created this graphic for a friend as sort of a branding to be used throughout his published project for his doctorate.  His project includes an appendix which was created to be a resource for staff pastors who experience abrupt senior pastor transition (i.e., the senior pastor position suddenly becomes vacant due to death, disgrace, division, etc.).  The […]