New Chanter

My new instrument just came in this week from pipe maker, Kirk Lynch of Missouri.  It took him about a year and three months to make and I’m very excited to have received such a quality instrument from a craftsman such as Mr. Lynch. Wow, photographing instruments indoors without a lighting kit is VERY difficult.  […]


Here’s another in my series of “You’d never guess this was taken in Arizona” photographs.  We had some very interesting weather here yesterday; triple digits in the afternoon but by 4:00 pm we had dropped 30 degrees and had heavy rain, lightning and thunder.  This picture was taken about thirty minutes before the storm hit […]

My First Reed pt.2

I had a reader request to see a closer picture of what a double reed looks like.  I threw in some other stuff to show a few of the different stages which lead to the finished product.  Starting on the far left you can see a tube of arundo donax cane.  My source for cane is […]

My First Reed

Wow, so a busy couple of weeks.  I haven’t posted anything since the 20th but that’s okay; this blog was intended to be an outlet and not just another “thing” for me to have on my plate so as long as it serves me, and not I it, I’m okay with a bit of slack now […]

First You Must Learn the Grip

Séamus Ennis was an Irish piper, singer and folklorist, born in Dublin in 1919.  He died the same year I was born, in 1982.  The image I created here is based on a picture of Ennis which was featured on an lp album cover for his 1959 release, The Bonny Bunch of Roses. The text is […]

John Whelan Trio

Attended a house concert on Saturday night and snapped a few pictures. The performance featured all-Ireland champion, John Whelan on accordion, US champion, Charlene Adzima on filddle, and US champion Zac Leger on bouzouki, guitar and flute. I also got to spend some time with Zac earlier in the afternoon working on piping technique (in […]

Half Set

This half set of Uilleann pipes belongs to my friend Jason.  I didn’t really have any purpose in mind for shooting this, just saw them sitting on the chair and had my camera with me so I snapped ’em.    Since uilleann pipes are hand crafted instruments, made to order for a specific piper, they vary […]

Killer Music

This piece is a bit of a tribute to Jim Flora (of whom I am a big fan).  He may be best known for his record album design work he did for Columbia records and RCA victor in the 1940’s-50’s.  If you haven’t seen his work there, you might recognize his art in one or more children’s books.  […]

Song Bird

Though not a style I typically try to emulate, I have always enjoyed the look of Italian poster art.  I don’t by any  means claim to be an expert on it, but some of the elements which I have noticed occur often are the use of two-dimensional shapes and large areas of color with subtle […]


I showed this to my wife and all she had to say was “Byoooonnnnnnnggg”. ‘Nuff said.