Vinyl vs. MP3

I actually took this photograph a couple years ago but felt like playing around with some filters and text to change it up a bit. Just my personal opinion… Long live hi-fi!


I’m sad to say I’ve really neglected my blog for the last month or so.  I’ve entered into the final stage in my schooling where I have a lot of high level work to put in and it’s mentally exhausting.  Though I know this is only a temporary season I’ve been missing the creative flow and look forward to when […]

MLK Day 2011

Very disappointed today.  We have a bit of a tradition at work where whenever we take a holiday off they have me create an artistic sign for the front door to let any customers who might come by the shop know that we are out of the office for the day.  I was asked on […]


This is Jessi taking in the view at her Dad’s house after we arrived in Prescott for Christmas part two!

Randal Bays Poster

I was asked to put together a small poster for an upcoming local concert.  This one isn’t anything terribly special as I was on a very tight time constraint but it came out nice enough.

Dad’s View

Jessi and I spent a couple days with her Dad in Prescott this week to celebrate Christmas with him.  We got there just in time for some good snow storms which made for some great scenery.  This was our view from the living room window while drinking our coffee on Thursday morning.  We had made […]

Douglas the Evergreed

This is Douglas.   His rare species was first discovered by Scot-French botanist, Jacques McKraken in the late 1800’s and there have only been three verifiable sightings since.  As is the case with Nessie and Bigfoot, the number of reported possible sightings is too great to count.  The Evergreed species are very good at disguising themselves as common coniferous […]